Why Group CrossFit Classes Work

Why do you look forward to Friday night? You’re getting out of the house, seeing your friends, and doing something fun, right? It’s the social element that’s the most important – getting out and interacting with other people after a whole week stuck in a cubicle (or at home in front of your computer) to blow off some steam. Instead of nachos and beer, what if you could get that same feeling while getting totally ripped? Sound too good to be true? Read on, my friend.

One of the biggest reasons keeping people from the gym is just getting there. Getting to the gym or the pool or the track is about 75% of the battle. Because once you’re there, you may as well work out, right? But what if you were meeting your friends? What if your “Friday night blowing off steam” was in the gym? Enter CrossFit group classes.

CrossFit is known for its community. When you walk into a box (CrossFit speak for gym), you are immediately welcomed by some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet – bonded together over the latest WoD (Workout of the Day). CrossFitters often refer to their boxmates as “family”, becoming close after many sweaty hours together.

If CrossFitters consider each other family, imagine the feeling you would get during a group class! CrossFit group classes bring all of this together – blowing off steam with friends and the Crossfit community. It’s like going out with your friends on Friday night – but instead of bloat and a hangover, you get a rockin’ bod.

If getting to the gym is a problem for you, a CrossFit group class might be the answer. It’s hard to hold ourselves accountable – most people need some kind of external accountability factor in order to be successful at something (Gretchen Rubin has some really great work on this – check it out here). By joining a group class at your local Crossfit box, you’re likely to meet and get to know some people and then they’ll notice if you don’t show up. Not to mention the coaches – they’ll know your name and will not be afraid to call you out when you miss a class.

At this point you might be asking yourself… “what is crossFit”? CrossFit is a high-intensity workout incorporating multiple forms of exercise. You’ll do things like run, Olympic lifts, gymnastics stuff, and other things that you never thought you’d be able to do. The crossfit website says “The program prepares trainees for any physical contingency—not only for the unknown but for the unknowable, too. Our speciality is not specializing.” So not only will you be able to do a pull-up, but you could also outrun a sabre-tooth tiger!

So why not take the leap and turn your social life into an opportunity to become a healthier version of yourself? CrossFit group classes get you in shape, make you feel totally badass, and help you make some great new friends that just might become family.

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