Why CrossFit Works!

Here at CrossFit Canberra we take your physical strength and endurance levels into account on an individual level – which not only means you get the most tailored workout every time, but also means that we will never push you beyond your own personal limits. CrossFit works because we understand what it means to want to do better – and we exist to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What makes our clients Successful?

Our clients come to us usually with express desires about their health and fitness goals. Whether they want to lose weight, get stronger or simply want to join a class a week to improve their cardio-vascular health – we cater to all. When you first join us you will be scheduled in for a one on one intro session; a specially designed core strength and overall stamina evaluation. During the intro session we will be able to not only determine your fitness level, but also be able to advise you on the next steps towards achieving your physical aims.

By providing the one on one intro session for all clients we gain a good idea of what you need to work on, how to improve your fitness level and identify any key problems. This also lets us keep track of any health issues you have, because caring for the health of our clients is our number one priority at CrossFit.

How do they achieve so much?

CrossFit Canberra run classes every week between 5:30 am in the morning and 7 pm at night. This allows our members to take as few or as many classes as they like, before, during or after work! This versatile training environment sees physical progress flourish. First and foremost we want to provide a safe environment over a competitive one, giving our clients a secure place to work out without feeling judged.

How do we do it?

CrossFit provides a body training and conditioning program that will help tone and shape your body while increasing overall strength, stamina and endurance levels. WE do this by teaching foundation movements that aren't just for the gym and can be applied to other aspects of your daily life such as grocery shopping, running errands or playing with the kids!

The movements we teach not only make all of these day-to-day tasks, they can also be applied as exercises – so that you can be improving your health and fitness level when you're not even at the Gym!

We don't just provide a safe space to train; we provide a set of core skills that you will take into all aspects of life, leading to a brighter, healthier, more active you. That is why CrossFit works and that is our ethos. When you join us you become fitter and healthier for life.

Getting Started with CrossFit

Getting started with CrossFit couldn't be easier. All you have to do is book online via our website and you are already begun! WE will provide you with your one on one intro sessions and gain access to your personal statistics, after which we will be able to advise you better on how to achieve your health and fitness goals. protect your fitness level make it CrossFit, where your health is our highest priority.

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