What is the Crossfit Open?

If you have any interest at all in physical fitness and exercise, odds are that, at one point or another, you’ve come across the name CrossFit – a brand of physical exercise philosophy that has taken off in the international fitness community, with over 15,000 affiliates worldwide.

One of the many features of the CrossFit is, of course, the CrossFit Games. This athletic competition, which has now been going for well over a decade, bringing together athletes to show off their skills in a variety of gymnastic, aerobic, and weightlifting events, all in an effort to win CrossFit’s famed title of “Fittest On Earth”.

In the past year, The CrossFit Open has evolved from a qualifying stage for CrossFit Games Regionals to its own qualifying event for the Crossfit Games. Much like the name implies, the CrossFit Open – in the spirit of CrossFit itself – is open to anyone across the globe with a passion for keeping fit.

In other words, all comers are encouraged to take part in the world-famous fitness face-off. The CrossFit Open takes place over the course of five weeks, beginning on 23rd February of this year. In other words, just around the corner.

So what do you need to do to take your shot at this first step toward becoming the next Fittest On Earth? It’s simple as can be, as CrossFit really has taken international fitness contests into the online world.

Register on their site, and download a scorecard. Next, decide whether you’d like to do the full-scale RX workout, or a smaller, scaled-down version. There’s no shame at all in opting for the latter, especially if you’re new to the world of CrossFit. Remember, there’s fitness fans from all over the world trying to prove themselves through these workouts.

The next thing, of course, is to do the workouts themselves. If at all possible, see if you’re anywhere nearby a CrossFit-affiliated gym. There are, as mentioned, thousands of them out there, in almost every nation, on every continent – the chances that there’s one in your city, or even in your neighbourhood, are pretty decent, and you’ll probably find plenty of fellow fitness fans following the same workout routine as you.

But if you aren’t within reachable distance of a CrossFit-affiliated gym, that’s quite alright too – just a grab a camera, and film your workout.

From there, well, you need simply submit your scores, and check the scoreboard. Every other one of the thousands of Open competitors will be listed on there for you to compare your own results with.

Far more than just a means by which to attempt to enter the CrossFit Games, the Open is a means of uniting thousands of fitness enthusiasts across the globe. No matter where in the world they may be, all of them are brought together by the same workout routine, each one of them inspired by the dream of taking part in the Games, all while the CrossFit Open’s competitive edge drives all them to reach their limits.

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