Positive Mindset Strategies for Training

Stuck in a workout rut? Many of us grow complacent with repetitive workout routines. Others think about exercising, but in reality do little to no training at all. One of the most effective ways to break out of this cycle is through the power of positive thinking? You’ve heard it all before, mind over matter. So often it is easier said than done. Here are a few tips and facts to help aid in drumming up the motivation to get physical.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Eradication of judgment is an ideal scenario at the gym but let’s face it, not always entirely realistic. In fact, the person we typically judge the most is ourselves. It is human nature to look at another person and see how we stack up. This can be a toxic trap. More often than not we are comparing ourselves to people we do not know. We have no idea what their fitness journey is comprised of, where they started, their medical history etc. Fitness is a journey and we each begin in a different place. Being kind to your mind is the first step. Only when we find balance in the mental realm, can we make greater strides on our path to physical fitness.

Understand the Health Benefits of a Positive Outlook

Evidence suggests the mind has power over our physical health. The power of positive thinking can improve the immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. In conjunction, we are better able to counteract depression, control our weight, and prolong our lives. If you are struggling with this, strategies such as keeping a gratitude journal or focusing on the things you are particularly good at can help strengthen your mental fortitude. With this piece in place, getting into an effective workout routine seems like less of an uphill battle.

Don’t Underestimate What You Are Already Capable Of

We do so much in our everyday lives that it becomes easy to forget the variety of accomplishments we achieve. So many of us do not even realize what a balancing act it is that we perform: from school to work, parenting, maintaining a home, and still finding time to engage in hobbies or leisure activities. The truth is, it’s a lot! As a result, feeling like there is not enough time in the day to work out is an incredibly common sentiment. A slight shift in mindset however, could be just the difference you need. Studies have shown that short bursts of exercise (30 minutes or less) can improve cognitive function as well as torch calories. Exercising between 15 and 30 minutes three times a week has the benefit of lowering stress. This is especially true for adults who are caregivers of either young children or an elderly family member. Brief periods of physical activity allow us the necessary alone time we need away from the daily grind.

Never Give Up

Remember, it is never too late to get into shape! Being discouraged or skeptical is normal but it does not have to be how you always feel. Believing that you are capable and deserving of a healthy lifestyle is such an important piece of reaching the goal. Even if you have failed before, you can try again. You are worth investing in.

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