Olympic Lifting Classes

Exciting News CFCBR Crew!

In our continued pursuit of the Ultimate Member Experience, We are making a few enhancements with our Olympic Lifting classes and programming going forward.

In place of the weekday morning Lifting Class we are going to run a BRAND NEW Class on Saturdays at 10am. This means more gym access for all on Saturdays.

This hour will give you the opportunity to work with a coach to focus in on improving your technical proficiency with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. As a technical class, it still gives you the chance to come in and do the WOD with the crew at 8am or 9am and then move into an hour of skill based lifting. The lifting class will have more space, more weights and more barbells that can be thrown around.

But what about extra Olympic lifting on weekdays? Don't worry because you will still make the lifting gains during the week. As of next week we will have a dedicated weightlifting program available at Beyond the Whiteboard for all our members access. The program will be for three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (the class). They will be focused on the exercises to help build stability, confidence and further refine positions so that those wishing to further enhance your lifting abilities prowess can do so confidently.

If you want to move heavier loads more confidently and build upon the solid foundations you have established, getting some extra dedicated sessions and coaching will help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to chat with the Coaches for more info!

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