Health Benefits from Squats

The Squat is one of the greatest ways to improve your strength. It's a good exercise that is relatively simple to carry out and can be performed by everyone, without age, gender, fitness routine or goals being a stumbling block. Squats can be performed using multiple techniques and tools, a quality which has given rise to multiple variants of squats. Some of the variations of squats include the following:

  • Air Squats

  • Barbell Squats

  • Box Squats

  • Wall Squats

  • Plyometric Squats

  • Zercher Squats

  • One Legged Squat and more.

Most individuals are often quick to believe the popular misconception that squatting offers only aesthetic benefits, but at closer inspection, one would clearly see that squatting offers a whole lot of health benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

1. Increased Strength

Engaging in squats is a great way for you to build on your body strength. Not only do they offer an easy avenue to strengthen your muscles, but the effects on your body are also much more lasting when compared to other exercises. When performed correctly, the whole body works.

2. Boost Your Metabolism

Squats help boost your body's metabolic rate immensely, as they assist in removing harmful waste away from your body. There is a large metabolic response when your body squats to full depth.

3. Helps You Stay Fit

Indulging in squats is a great way to burn calories while still gaining lean muscle. Long term effects can offer a good solution for maintaining a high level of fitness.

4. Increased Testosterone and Hormonal Levels

Squatting helps increase your body's testosterone and growth hormone levels, this directly results in improved muscle build and mass. Another great health benefit is the regulation of certain substances in the body such as insulin and glucose.

5. Reduces Your Chances Of Sustaining Injuries

Most injuries are sustained due to lack of proper muscle or ligament movement. A remedy for avoiding injuries is to improve the muscle and ligaments. Squats strengthen all muscles and develops your ligaments. With flexibility assured, there are fewer chances of you sustaining injuries while performing activities you love.

6. Improved Flexibility And Posture

When you indulge in squats you are sure to experience an increase in your flexibility. As we grow older our muscles tend to lose a great deal of its elasticity. Performing a proper, full depth squatting routine helps put this in check. Your whole body benefits from squatting. Therefore ensuring your body retains its flexibility even in your older years.

7. Strengthens Joints And Bones

Exercises are essential to maintaining your bodies joints and strengthening your bones, performing various variations of squats is an easy avenue to achieve this. To increase the effectiveness of squats in developing your joints and bones, you can add strength equipment such a barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells to your squatting routine.

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