Fitness Motivation in the New Year

It’s 2019, folks, and still quite a bit too early in the year for us to have given up on our resolutions.

Odds are that, when you were swapping fresh 2019 resolutions with your friends, a whole lot of fitness and health related stuff cropped up in there. Getting a fitter body is a natural desire, and it’s one that really comes out in those early days of the new year, when that fresh drive for self-improvement is still in the air, that we really feel like it’s something that can be done.

But we all know what happens as the year progresses. Daily life overwhelms us, our time to fulfil ambitions lessens, and we set it all aside for another year.

So here, folks, are a few pointers for keeping your fitness motivation up for 2019, after the last remnants of the New Year’s festivities have petered out.

1. Reward Your Efforts

Perhaps one of the biggest enemies of fitness motivation is the simple tedium of daily training. We all know how important it is to exercise on the regular, and how there’s no reaching those long-term goals without daily effort; but it can be really demotivating how that constant effort so often doesn’t leave any immediately tangible result to end the day or week on.

A good way to remedy this is to allow yourself some other form of reward for meeting daily, weekly or monthly training quotas. Nothing that’ll undo the training, of course – opt for other stuff, like new workout gear, tickets to a show or game you wanted to see, or the like. It can really make the regular fitness grind a bit more fun.

2. Train with others

We may not always realise it; but like many other things, training has a social side to it. Taking advantage of that social side can do a great deal to keep us motivated.

Do so in whatever way you’re comfortable with – join a local jogging group or tennis club, or just share your workout schedule with a close friend, and suggest they join you on it.

The point is to make your workout schedule something that you at least partially share with other people – when you do that, not only does it become a lot more fun, but it also means you’ve got someone else there to keep an eye on you, making sure you aren’t missing any training appointments and you’re pushing yourself to the limits.

3. Choose the right tunes

This one probably sounds oddly trivial; but it really isn’t.

Odds are that you’re familiar with how the right tune can really keep you pumping when you’re well into a hard bout of exercise.

Well, why not give a full soundtrack to your training routine? Why not chat with other musically-included fitness fanatics for recommendations? Why not give them all a listen, and see which tracks fit your particular forms of training? You could have one playlist for your jogs, another for the gym, and whatnot.

The right track to your routine can, pun fully intended, give it a proper rhythm – and, of course, give you something to look forward to listening to whenever the daily routine begins.

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