Difference between Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting

Sometimes we really cannot lay hold of the differences that exist between Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting. Most especially for novice who intends to go into this athletic discipline, the difficulty of outlining the existing differences will be highlighted through its extensive details on both activities. It will be explained in details the history and present times of Olympic-styled Weightlifting and Power Lifting.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a modern day Olympic activity where the athlete attempts to uplift a single rod of barbell loaded with weight plates of different size. The techniques encompasses the clean and jerk, and the snatch.

The snatch is the lifting of the barbell from the ground straight to the overhead of the athlete. Any athlete that rests or stop during the course of lifting the barbell- the lift is nullified while for the clean and jerk, it makes room for two movement to be made by the athlete, lifting from the ground to the shoulder and thereafter lifting it overhead.

History and Present Times of Olympic Weightlifting

Historically, weightlifting could be traced to the Ancient Greece, China and Egypt who engaged themselves in technical activities as such to energize themselves for combative wars. This also advanced to the state of competition were various persons endeavor to uplift this weight and consequently recognized or crowned.

The modern day Olympic Weightlifting has witnessed a great modification over time. With discontinuous termination of and clean and press that was formerly a technique. The above two; snatch and clean and jerk were newly introduced as its aid the judge in determining the winner of the event.

Power Lifting

Power Lifting is a strength building sport activity that takes the form of barbell lifting but the difference between them is that unlike Olympic weightlifting, Power Lifting involves a supportive mechanism and less technical that permits the resting of the athlete.

In Power Lifting, there are supportive device that aids athletes that engage in the activity. It includes supportive shirts, briefs, suits and knee wraps. This supportive devices helps the athletes during the processes of squat, bench press and deadlift.

The ancient Greek and China who had firstly indulged into things that are attributed to man even to the modern days didn’t disengage themselves from Power Lifting that served as medium of showing one’s ability or manhood. This depiction through uplifting of barbells was kind of restricted to the male gender and henceforth, the practices has proceeded into competition.

The Differences

Speed of Execution: In power lifting, athletes are not always as cautious as those undertaking the Olympic weightlifting, because for the Olympic weighting, participants must be extraordinary.

The muscle and tempo sapped from athletes in Olympic weightlifting are much more compared to the power lifting. That is, it requires more energy from those who indulge into the Olympic weightlifting.

Supportive devices are allowed for the Power lifting which heaps a great advantage to the athlete and less the amount of energy it would have required from it, unlike the Olympic weightlifting, from the ground to one’s overhead.

The movement is very fast for Olympic weightlifting because it needs the athletes to lift the barbells from the ground to their overhead, unlike the power lifting that procedures that will hesitate the life must be followed.

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