Crossfit Community Difference

There may be over 15,000 CrossFit-affiliated gyms across the world, located on every continent in almost every country; but there’s still folks out there who are sceptical at the notion of them. “They’re just another brand of gym, aren’t they?” they might say.

And it’s true – CrossFit-affiliated gyms are, well, gyms. But they’re also, in many ways, community hubs.

Here’s a remark often repeated by CrossFit gym-goers to those considering joining one: even if you’re not normally the sort of person who talks to people at the gym, you likely will be one you join a CrossFit gym.

Why’s that? Well, to put it simply, when you go into a normal gym, the only thing that you really have in common with the other people there is that you want to get fitter. All of you will have your own workout programmes, your own goals, your own mindset toward the whole concept of working out.

At CrossFit, you’re not all just working out in the same space – you’re also working under the same regimen. Every day, there’ll be a new WOD, or workout of the day (yeah, that’s another thing you’ll find different about CrossFit gyms – the very specific slang) for everyone to do. In this way, all of you will be connected not just by the concept of working out, but by the precise demands that the workout is putting on you. You’ll all be drawn to discuss the day’s workout. The more experienced, who may have endured similar workouts, might offer up advice to the newbies on how best to handle the coming day’s workouts. Afterwards, you might get together with a few of your fellow gym-attendees for a coffee, and discuss how effective today’s workout was, or how well each of you handled it, and what the programme for the coming week is looking like. And if you’re in an ambitious sort of mood, you might even discuss which of you is planning to enter into this year’s CrossFit Open, and take a shot at getting into the CrossFit Games and shooting for the coveted title of “Fittest On Earth”.

Whether all of this is a good or a bad thing depends very much on what you’re personally looking for in a gym experience, of course; but we’re quite sure you’ll agree that there are far worse things than forming a new network of friends, all of you connected not just by the same interest, but also by the same experience.

There are other, more practical differences, of course – perhaps the most obvious being that CrossFit gym membership, for the most part, tends to be just a bit more expensive than other gym branches. This, naturally, can be a bit off-putting to newcomers; but it’s really a matter of considering that, with a CrossFit membership, you get access not just to a gym, but to an international fitness community that’s growing bigger by the day. And if that’s something you feel would be an asset to your workout routine, well, we can assure you that it’s more than worth the extra investment.

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