Crossfit Canberra 2019 Event Schedule

Welcome Back CFCBR Family! 2019 is going to be a big year for us all! We have plenty of events in store for our gym including the return of Iconic Duos and an In-house Weightlifting Comp as well as a few other new additions to our activity calendar. Below are the events and some dates that you can book into your calendar! As events creep up on us, keep your eye out for Facebook Events that will be created, follow up emails and social media posts all with more information on.

We hope that you are all pumped for 2019!

2019 Events Calendar

19th Jan - Weightlifting ACT Comp 1:

Olympic Weightlifting Competition held in our Facility.

This is an official and regulated competition taking Australian Weightlifting Federation Rules as well as International

Weightlifting Federation Standards and Rules into account.

You must be a member of Weightlifting ACT in order to compete. Their Web-page has all necessary information regarding rules and registration available.

Feb 16 to 17th - Antony Lo - Physio Detective - The Female Athlete:

Antony Lo - also known as the "Physio Detective" has been studying and working in Physiotherapy since 1993. During this time, he has earned his degree in Physiotherapy, a Masters in Physiotherapy and took part in the Musculoskeletal

Physiotherapy Specialisation training program – the highest form of training a physiotherapist can take in Australia.

His Clinics are highly sought after and he has much to offer coaches and athletes alike in both experience and knowledge. If you find yourself interested in progressing your knowledge of the human body, Antony's clinics are a great way of doing so.

Feb 21 to March 25 - Friday Night Lights - Crossfit Open:

The Crossfit Open is one of our bigger events for the gym as it spans across a number of weeks! We love having everyone rock up on Friday Night Lights ready to throwdown and see how far you have all progressed in the last year of Crossfit!

May 18th - In house Weightlifting Comp:

This is our annual in house Weightlifting Comp. A chance to, under relaxed rules, experience what a Weightlifting Competition is like as well as to display you prowess in the Olympic lifts; Snatch and Clean & Jerk. A fun couple of hours where we lift heavy, slam bars and chase PR's!

Late June - 22nd - Team Comp

Information about this Competition is still in the pipeline. It will be team based. Fun. Tough. All the Crossfit shall be had.

August 3rd - Iconic Duos

The return of Iconic Duos. New Team Mates. New Costume Ideas. New Workouts and plenty of laughs. Same as last year, 3 events in the first half of the day with post workout burgers and beers at Capital Brewing Co.

September 14th - COMP - advanced individuals

For the Advanced Athletes - standards will be released and spots shall be limited. This is a chance for those who excel at Crossfit to test their athletic abilities in a solid day of competition.

October - Whispers of CF Open Part 1 for 2020

This is still on the fence. Crossfit HQ has been a little aloof with details HOWEVER whispers from CFHQ is that the 2020 Crossfit Games Season may start in October 2019 with Crossfit Open Part 1. If this is the case we will definitely have an event planned to accommodate.

December 7th - BDay + Xmas

We all get busy at this time of year. Members have other Christmas parties and events on so we have decided to combine out Birthday event and our Christmas party into one big event. This means less stress when having to plan for your other events you have in the pipeline this time of you. Lock in the date for another awesome workout or two and Chrissy Food and Beverages after the fitness has been had.

That is all thus far, some dates and events are subject to change however you shall be informed in due course. Book the dates in and we hope to see and have as many people participate as possible. Because training with the whole squad is the best training days we have!

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