Coronavirus Response

Hi Everyone,

As you would all be aware there is current pandemic outbreak known as Covid-19. I wanted to let you know of the actions taken by CrossFit Canberra and what you can do to keep life as normal as possible and continue training with the CFCBR fam.

CrossFit Canberra will always be in line with the guidelines and measures put into place by the relevant government authorities. It is for this reason that we have kept CrossFit classes running as per normal as it is perfectly safe to do so. Until we receive advice otherwise we will continue to do so.

We do take our responsibility to provide all of our members with a safe environment to train very seriously and have implemented the following measures to minimise the chances of bacterial transfer:

1) Increased general cleaning protocols

2) We ask all members to wipe down any equipment they have used during sessions with antibacterial wipes

3) Provided more disinfectant and antibacterial wipes

4) Signs around the gym about washing hands and the protocol for effectively doing so before and after class

5) We ask that all members refrain from shaking hands, high fives and swap for foot taps or fist bumps

In addition to the above measures, the most effective way to avoid transfer of the virus is for members to not come to the gym if they fit the following criteria:

1) Feeling unwell (whether you think you have the virus or not)

2) Have recently travelled overseas

3) Have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus

We ask again that if you fit the above criteria that you follow the government health guidelines and self isolate for 14 days and do not attend the gym.

1) Provide you with an at home training program

2) Provide you with the equipment to complete this program

3) Drop this equipment at your house (yes we will give you equipment from the gym and bring it to your house)

So if you are in this position of self isolation now or in the future please contact us via email and we will provide these services for you. We want to look after all of our members in this time of crisis.

Hardship Measures

We understand that this might be a time of financial hardship for our members whose work has been affected by the coronavirus and the economic effects from it. If you have experienced financial hardship due to the coronavirus please contact us.

Our goal during this time is to continue to provide the ultimate member experience so that the CrossFit Canberra community can continue to lead happy healthy lives. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please get in contact.


Brendan and the CFCBR team

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