Basics of Nutrition

Individuals engaging in fitness training expend a great amount of energy and resources from the body. The bodily systems need to be replenished after activity with energy as well as nutrients. Eating nutritious foods that optimize health makes fitness easier and more rewarding and improves your overall health in the future by reducing the amount of bodily fats. Poor nutrition, paired with a lack of exercise, can contribute to heart disease and other chronic illnesses.Six types of nutrients are essential to provide enough energy to the body: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. These nutrients are broken down and absorbed into the blood stream through the processes of digestion. Therefore, eating appropriate foods is essential to managing and ensuring fitness.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are categorized as macronutrients. Macronutrients are the primary source of calories which provide the energy needed for physical activity. Carbohydrates are very high in energy, and some forms of carbohydrates that are nondigestible function to eliminate waste products. Healthy carbohydrates like fiber are found in many breakfast cereals, vegetables, and fruits. Protein is found in animal products, legumes, and nuts, and they repair bone and muscle cells. Proteins are also needed for the functioning of certain enzymes and hormones in the body. Fats aid in the absorption of certain substances and protects the abdominal organs by providing cushioning. However, fats should be consumed in moderation to prevent excessive buildup in the abdominal area. Healthier fats can be found in animal products, nuts, and some vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals are recognized as micronutrients. Although the quantity of micronutrients that are needed is less than the quantity of macronutrients, there are specific levels of micronutrients that need to be maintained. Micronutrients do not provide calories to the body, but they provide necessary energy and specific supplements. Vitamins are organic substances obtained from plants and animals whereas minerals are inorganic and come from soil and water. Vitamins are essential to muscle and tissue growth and repair as well as the preservation of healthy cells and nerves. Vitamins can be found in fruits and vegetables, as well as grains.Vitamins can also be consumed through supplements; however, the appropriate vitamin levels are often sufficiently attained from foods. Minerals are necessary for bodily and muscle growth and development and are found in a variety of foods.

Water is the single most important nutrient that needs to be consumed. Humans cannot live without water for more than a couple days. When you are engaging in physical fitness your body releases toxins and water through sweat. This is important for maintaining body temperature which usually rises with physical fitness. Further, water aids digestion by lubricating pathways and softening consumed foods. Levels of health can always be improved by an increased consumption of water.

Although improvement in fitness can be seen solely by participating in physical activity, attention to nutrition is essential for muscle growth and development. Nutritious foods also reduce the amount of fat in the body and support long-term health. It is necessary to simultaneously eat a healthy diet and exercises to achieve the highest level of fitness.

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