Aerobic VS. Anaerobic

Fitness incorporates a variety of exercises and activities that are necessary to improve cardiovascular and respiratory health. Individuals can engage in aerobic or anaerobic exercises, each provided different benefits and prohibiting other functions. Engaging in multiple types of exercise and incorporating diversity in your fitness routine is important to developing flexibility, endurance, and reactivity.

The aerobic energy system depends on oxygen intake to perform adequately. With a constant supply of oxygen being provided, this system permits extended periods of exercise and is important for building endurance. Aerobic fitness involves brisk walking, running, cycling, and participating in plyometrics, also known as jump training. The goal of aerobic exercises is to elevate the heart rate and increase the demand for oxygen. The heart beats faster to pump blood to necessary parts of the body, and the maintenance of a higher heart rate for long periods of time demonstrates increased endurance The large quantities of energy needed for fortitude can be obtained by eating greater amounts of carbohydrates, and good respiration techniques provide the body with enough oxygen to continue functioning. Despite its efficiency, however, there is not a fast-enough production of energy from the aerobic system to engage in quick, intense movements. This is evident in people who have asthma and are unable to breathe in enough oxygen or catch their breathduring quick activities. However, certain precautions can be taken such as utilizing prescription inhalers, warming up and cooling down the body before and after activity, and avoiding exercising while sick and in areas with high allergen levels. The quick activities unachievable by the aerobic energy system are reserved for the body’s contrasting anaerobic system.

The anaerobic energy system functions under conditions providing little or no oxygen. Short, intense activities like jumping, sprinting, lifting, and throwing require extreme amounts of energy to be available very quickly. Rather than relying on oxygen consumption and waiting to process the oxygen molecules, the anaerobic system pulls energy from storage reserves and quickly delivers energy to the muscle cells. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of stored energy in the body and individuals are unable to continue intense activity for an extended period of time. The greatest source of energy for the anaerobic system is creatine, which can be consumed through red meat. Creatine contributes to muscle strength and mass and helps muscles to recovery more quickly. Hence, it is immensely important to consume an adequate, nutritious diet.

It is also important to consume enough water when engaging in aerobic or anaerobic activities. Water aids the digestive system and contributes to weight loss and increased energy. Water is also a source of oxygen that is necessary for the aerobic energy system to function, and water helps to maintain body temperature while performing physical activity.

There a many different levels of fitness that can be achieved through aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Many pre-existing factors contribute to an individual’s ability to engage in physical activity, including age, gender, and genetic predisposition. However, an appropriate fitness routine and sufficient diet can improve physical capabilities such as strength, flexibility, and endurance.

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