Advantages of Strength Training

When it comes to strength training the world is a very divided place. Men love it; women hate it. Why? Because people hear the words “strength training” and think of huge bulging muscles and rippling abdominal muscles – all of which are considered “unsightly” in women. The reality of this couldn't be farther from the truth, so today let's look at the advantages of strength training and find out exactly why women won't end up looking like She-Hulk by doing it.

The Common Misconception

Most women think they will grow bulk if they life weights. This is simply not true. The facts are thus; men bulk up arm muscle when they lift because they have very little estrogen in their (natural) systems. Woman have loads of the stuff, and it makes it much harder to bulk. Rather, when a woman lifts her arms gain shape and definition, toning and strength – instead of growing muscles that make her feel ugly in a dress...

A second misconception is that women should lift lighter weights with more repetitions. Also not true. A woman should push herself on the bench just as much as a man does... and don't let them tell you otherwise, sister!

The Importance of Strength Training

Whether male or female, strength training has some core benefits we can all use. First of all; strength training goes beyond the boundaries of age. By that we mean that it works to preserve the density of your muscles regardless of how old you are. Your muscles 'remember' how strong they have been in the past and, should you ever fall from the fitness saddle, it will be at least three times as easy to regain that strength as it is to grow new muscle.

Secondly it controls the amount of extra weight you are carrying. By training the body to be strong it naturally consumes more calories, uses up more fatty molecules and helps you stay generally fitter on a day to day basis. It's that muscle memory again; it burns more fuel to run a stronger body than it does a weaker one... Strength training also helps strengthen your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons – all of that icky inner stuff that you need for optimal functioning.

Possibly the most important part of strength training is that stronger bodies heal themselves faster. They have better functioning immune systems protected by a healthy working body, and the repetitive use of the limbs and joints mean they are more flexible, supple and pliant... meaning you are a lot less likely to injure yourself in whatever other activities you do.

Where do I sign up?

Here at CrossFit Canberra of course! We run over 40 classes a week for our members to pick and choose from, all at different times of the day to make it easier for the client. We provide some of the best strength training around – for both men and women alike. So give us a call or book online now. and we will meet you in the gym!

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