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Exercise tears muscle tissue, which heals to produce stronger muscles. That’s why active recovery, where the muscles are given time to heal, should be a key part of your recovery. During active recovery you do activities that will release substances like amino acids and oxygen into your bloodstream which help your muscles to heal faster. It will also help your body get rid of the waste products, like lactic acid, that may cause you pain or damage your muscles. Let’s look at some of the best active recovery ideas.

Let’s start by looking at low impact activities. The first suggestion is yoga. This activity will challenge you and improve your flexibility, all while giving your muscles time to grow. It will also help you improve the blood flow going to your muscles. In addition, you will also learn how to better control your breathing. You might also want to try getting a massage. This activity has many benefits such as relieving any muscle tension that you might be experiencing. It may also work to improve blood flow. Finally, regular massages may also be able to help you correct issues with your posture. Another low impact activity that you might benefit from is tai chi. This will help you improve your aerobic capacities, while helping you reduce your pain levels. In addition, it has been shown that tai chi can help you meditate, which may be good for your mental health. Now that we know a little more about some low intensity activities, let’s look at some activities that will have a higher impact on your body.

You can also allow your muscles to recover while still participating in moderately physical activities. First, you can try swimming. This doesn’t put a lot of strain on your muscles but will keep you active. It will increase your circulation and relieve pressure on your joints. Another popular activity is cycling. If you avoid overly challenging tracks, cycling is a very low impact activity. In fact, an elliptical machine may provide the same benefits as jogging while putting less pressure on your joints. This will also raise your heart rate, promoting blood circulation through your body. In addition, it may be a great way of having a cardiovascular workout. Finally, you can take a hike. Most tracks should be fine but try to avoid any truly challenging terrain. The slightly uneven ground will help you build stronger knees and ankles. It may also help you build your glutes. However, the biggest benefit from a hike is the ability to get some clean air and refresh your mind. That’s because studies have shown that performing a relaxing activity outdoors might help you improve your mental health.

Active recovery is an important part of any workout program. It will give your muscles time to recover before your next workout, which will let you build strength and power. We’ve provided some excellent low and medium active recovery ideas. So, choose your favourite and incorporate it into your workout plan.

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