A Healthy life = A Happy life

Here at CrossFit Canberra we love to live by the notion that a healthy life is a happy one! It's not really only a belief either, since science can actually back us up on this one: a healthy person has a much better chance of increasing their overall happiness level...One only needs to experience the burst of endorphins and adrenaline we experience every time we exercise to realise the truth of this statement.

That being said: we would like to prove it to you, so here is CrossFit Canberra’s list of reasons why a healthy life often makes for a happy one!

So...How exactly?

Being healthier leads to increased happiness in a number of ways. According to How Stuff Works, Endorphins are neurotransmitters released during and after exercise that align themselves with the brains Opiate Receptors, literally triggering a reaction that will make your perception of pain less intense. So scientifically speaking; exercise literally makes you happy!

Besides that, it can help you in other ways. The link between happiness and health has long since been established, and internet health mogul Healthline theorise that being happier leads to a stronger immune system, the ability to heal faster and a more positive outlook on life which leads to a better diet. Studies have actually found that those who were happy were 47% more likely to reach for the fresh fruits and vegetables than their less positive counterparts. How do you become a happier person? By increasing your exercise and activity level, boosting those endorphins and releasing some natural hormones into your brain!

As an added benefit, Endorphins also perk up your sex drive and release more of the 'love' hormones, which is all the more reason to hit that gym! The love hormones don't just perk us up downstairs, they are also a natural pick me up that helps keep you feeling upbeat and happy; just like you are falling in love.

And it's not just Physical...

The benefits to increasing your exercise level and eating a more nutritionally balanced diet won't just affect your body – they also have positive repercussions for the mind and your mental state, too. In fact, Best Health Mag has the importance of a good diet, plenty of rest and lots of healthy exercise as the top three ways to stay in good mental health. When it comes to self care a walk through the forest can sometimes be all we need to push the reset button.

What we Know

What we know for sure here at CrossFit Canberra is that clients come to us for the first time because they are unhappy with one or more aspects of their body. We also know that, with a little guidance and the right kind of training, we can make you feel a whole lot happier about yourself from the second you complete your first session.

We don't just promote exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of rest as ways to reach your happiness goals: here at CrossFit Canberra we also help you to achieve it.

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