3 Reasons Functional Fitness Can Benefit Work

Managers often struggle to find ways to foster healthy work environments that promote the well-being of employees. Workplaces with low morale and low energy aren’t conducive to personal growth or productivity. How can we reduce employee stress and encourage a healthy work environment?

Many corporate groups have answered this question by enrolling in employee fitness packages. Here is a list of the most important reasons why your workplace can achieve great things by investing in functional fitness.

Building Relationships Group exercise is a great way for employees to socialise with each other. Attending fitness classes, going to the gym in pairs, or simply running into a coworker at the gym can encourage friendship among employees. When employees see each other outside of the work setting, it’s easier for them to associate their workmates with fun activities outside of the daily work routine. Friendship can also lead to less drama and gossip in the workplace because employees may develop a better understanding of each other’s differences. Additionally, working together to achieve a fitness goal is a great team building activity that can foster positive encouragement among employees.

Improved Health

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of exercise is improved health. After just a few short weeks of exercise, the body’s mitochondria production increases. Mitochondria are the parts of cells that convert fat, carbs, and protein into energy consumed by your muscles. Additionally, after nine months of cardio, you’ll see a 25% increase in the rate at which oxygen is transported to your muscles. These changes will lead to increased energy in the workplace and daily life. Increased energy in the workplace will lead to increased levels of productivity. Studies have shown that, in most instances, increased productivity actually leads to an increased sense of purpose among employees in the workplace. Furthermore, it’s well-known that regular exercise can lead to longer lifespans and less trips to the doctor. Functional fitness has the potential to improve the overall wellness of employees and increase the energy and productivity of the workplace.

Stress Reduction

In addition to the possibility of extending your life, exercise can also help alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety because it decreases the level of cortisol and adrenaline (both stress hormones) in the body. Stress can come from both inside and outside the workplace and can have a negative effect on workplace productivity. Consequently, studies have shown that a decline in workplace productivity can lead to feelings of unhappiness and discontent in employees. Therefore, exercise can increase feelings of happiness in the workplace.

Enrolling in corporate functional fitness packages can improve the overall well-being of your employees and improve the atmosphere of your workplace.

Corporate fitness packages at CrossFit Canberra can be tailored to your employees’ needs and greatly benefit your workplace. Healthy, happy employees are needed for healthy and happy workplaces.

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