Outdoor Personal Training Sessions

We are proud to announce our new outdoor personal training sessions that are designed to finely tune your skills. Be it Olympic lifts, structural balance or CrossFit skills these sessions are built around you and your needs! These package will include 1 x outdoor PT session and 2 extra programmed sessions for you to complete on your own to make sure you get maximum results. The Packages will be set in 3 streams which are outlined below.

We have designed these packages with one thought in mind "how do we give the most back to our members" These packages will be coordinated with our #gym2you at home programming that we are all loving.

These sessions will strictly adhere to all physical distancing and government regulations

Scroll down to find out more!

Olympic Lifting + Barbell PT

The first style of outdoor personal training session focuses on barbell skills. Mainly the Olympic lifts It will ensure your strength development is on point and will give you the opportunity to progress through establishing foundation strength, to more complex movements and into specific technique adjustments. All under the guidance and watchful eyes of a CFCBR coach. If you're looking to smash out a new PR on an Olympic lift or improve your barbell proficiency this is for you!

Functional Bodybuilding

For some of us the reason why we train is more aesthetic in nature. Put simply we train to look good! If you want to develop your body and focus on building a solid structure to support your training then our Functional Bodybuilding Outdoor PT Session is for you. On the other hand you may have noticed you can squat the house down but can't do a pull up, these personal training sessions will improve your structural balance and build muscle, one on one with a CFCBR coach. Crossfit Skill Development

Do you want to get a better score in the open or PR your Fran time? These PT sessions and program will give you the focus to improve your skills and technique to get there! This could mean bossing through: barbell cycling, gymnastic skill - Like handstand skills and muscle ups, transition work or learning how to pace that damned Echo Bike so you don’t go lactic in the first 30 seconds – If the coach says "don't go full CrossFit" we will teach you the skills of how to listen and execute.

We all have areas of our training we want to improve in, so why not take advantage of some personal development with one of our CFCBR coaches. Pricing and further details will be coming later in the week! Have any questions? Email us today

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