Coronavirus response stage 3

The next stage of our coronavirus response is to continue to develop our virtual classes and gym2you program. We will do this through the facilitation of getting more equipment out to our members this will include all cardio machines, barbells plates, mats and other items.

What equipment can I get?

The bulk of our equipment will be available to our members. We will essentially have two packs available to members.

1) Barbell pack

2) Cardio pack (bike, ski or rower)

and these packs can be accessorized with other pieces of equipment.

We understand that different people will have different space capabilities at their home. So we ask that you be mindful of that when selecting what you would like to take home. For example if you have a shed/garage/backyard a barbell pack is probably better suited for you. If you live in an apartment a cardio pack will be more applicable.

How can I get the equipment?

On Saturday the 28th of March members will be able to come and collect gear from the gym to take home and use as a part of our gym2you program. So if you have a Ute or a trailer bring it along and you can take the equipment home.

For people that don't have access to a Ute or trailer come down on Saturday and tell us what you would like and make sure we have an up to date address and we will deliver it for you. If you are unable to attend on Saturday please get in contact and we will see what we can arrange for you. We will be at the gym on Saturday from 8 am-2 pm

(note: we must abide by all social distancing regulations so when you get to the gym if there is 9 people waiting outside for their equipment please remain in your car until the social distancing numbers and spacing can be abided by)

Equipment maintenance

When we are able to open our doors again this equipment will be what everyone will be using so lets look after each other by having nice equipment to come back to. We will be releasing maintenance protocols for the equipment to help you look after everyone's equipment.

What does this mean for programming?

The programming for our gym2you will be adaptable so no matter which take home pack you get, we will all be able to train as a community through our zoom classes.

Next steps

In response to the Prime Ministers latest announcements around training outdoors we will also be looking at ways to deliver outside fitness sessions that best serve our community. The health of our community is always our priority and this is intrinsically tied to our responsibility as a leader in the fitness and health industry. All of these factors must be taken into account as we adjust to government guidelines which are constantly evolving. So stay tuned for further announcements.


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