Iconic Duos Comp Fundraiser

Hello CFCBR Community!!!

As you know we are just a few days away from our Iconic Duos in house CrossFit Competition to be held this Saturday 08/09/18 from 0800.

Below are the preliminary teams for this weekend;

1. Joshua Burgess + Claire Gray 2. Cynthia Lam + Matthew Gibbons 3. David Ilchef + Rachel Dunn 4. Isaac Burgess + Meg Grant 5. Liz Jermyn + James Dimmock 6. Steve Onorato + Tim Butler 7. Todd Everett + Laya Dunn 8. Doug Lawrence + Pat Dunn 9. Amanda Morris + Brad Wood 10. Richard Davis + Steve Finlay 11. Emeliha Jermyn + Chloe Meagher 12. David Reid + Chris Priscina 13. Bryce Turner + Blake Fenwick

Those who haven't yet signed up please do so at the front desk, there will be a blue folder with a list of names where you can put down your details. This competition is designed for all levels of fitness and is more a social event than a competition.

There will also be prizes for the winners of the comp, but more importantly prizes for BEST DRESSED (we all know this is the part we want to win) so make sure you chat to your partner and put some thought into which Iconic Duo you are showcasing for us on Saturday.

We will also be running this event in conjunction as a fundraiser for the RUOK? Charity a link to our page can be found here https://crossfitchallenge.everydayhero.com/au/crossfit-canberra so try and incorporate some yellow into your outfit.

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