4 Ways To Influence How Food Affects Your Body

1) Energy expenditure & Intake:

if you are looking to lose weight or add muscle you must eat accordingly.

If you want to add muscle mass you should eat what is called a calorie surplus put simply take in more calories than you use during training and daily life so that your body can use this energy to create larger muscles. To lose weight you should be eating a calorie deficit which just means eating less calories than what you burn throughout the day.

Sounds pretty simple right?

2) Quality:

While you could just focus on total calories and lose weight. Is this the best solution for your health?

In short, no. The quality of your food will have a massive impact on how you feel and the never-ending battle with chronic disease. Food quality is hard thing to quantify as everything claims to be “health food, Low Gi”.

I want you to ask yourself these two questions when considering food items;

1. Do I recognise the ingredients? are there more letters and numbers than real food on the ingredients list?

2. Do I seriously think this food or drink item is in line with my health ideals?

If you are still unsure, click on the titles below to learn more about high quality foods and the effects different food can have.

1- Top Ten Foods For Fat Loss

2- The Meat and Nuts Breakfast

3- All About Healthy Foods

3) Make it easy and delicious.

Why is making your food easy and delicious important? well, if you do your change will be sustainable.

Enjoying your food is the key to long term change.

If you don't enjoy the food you are eating you are likely to fall into the 6 week trap. Which is where you find yourself eating the equivalent to cardboard, losing weight and then putting it straight back on once you regain your taste buds!

Don't fall into the 6 week trap, enjoy your food and make lifelong change.

4) Mindset:

All the tips and tricks in the world are useless if you don’t have the right headspace. To make meaningful change with nutritional habits you must be honest with yourself and ask what YOU really want to achieve. Not what is the ideal set out by society but how do you want to look and feel.

Once you decide on that and I mean actually decide, not think “ooo wouldn’t it be nice to look like that” that is when you will actually commit to your goal.

Why make the change? Because feeling and looking good is achievable for everyone and you deserve to know what that feels like.

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