Meet Our Members - Simone Franklin

This month on "Meet Our Members", we have Simone Franklin! Simone says coming to CFCBR first thing in the morning is a cornerstone of her lifestyle! That before she walks in the door she is thinking "who created this", and next thing she knows she is walking out feeling accomplished!

Simone joined CrossFit Canberra in October 2014, which will make 4 years at the end of this year! Before CrossFit Simone enjoyed running and playing netball, she had tried a few commercial gyms , but didn't like the weights machines. Simone told us "I thought I was exercising.... I didn't know what real exercise was until Crossfit".

Simone decided to try CrossFit because she was tired of running around Canberra on cold winter mornings, and hasn't looked back!

When we asked Simone about what she has achieved during her time with us she said, "I can squat more than a broomstick overhead... seriously!". When Simone first started with us, the broomstick was a challenge overhead, now she is smashing out 27kg overhead! She told us " I have gone from struggling to swing an 8kg kettle-bell in my first workout, to being able to swing 24kg, and have even gotten my first kipping pull-up recently".

"After three years of CrossFit I am the fittest, strongest and leanest I have ever been and its extended to other areas of my life. I now have the aerobic capacity to run out a game of netball. I never would have imagined being able to do that!". She continued on to tell us, "its not just physical, the benefits of CrossFit are mental as well. Like everyone, I’ve had and will continue to have times when life just sucks. Having the discipline of training has seen me through. I recall one particular morning which was the anniversary of a difficult day for me, the coach knew, sensed something was amiss. He gave me a pat on the back and said a few encouraging words and got me through. I’ll never forget that".

Simone loves that her CFCBR coaches keep her honest and accountable. She says, "There is absolutely no way I would push myself on my own the way I get pushed in a WOD, or the way you get pushed in the CrossFit Open". Simone loves that her coaches help her achieve movements she wouldn't have thought she was capable of.

Simone tells us "The best things about CFCBR, is the community! We are all on our own fitness journey with our own strength and weaknesses, but we're travelling those journey's together! Where else would you find a place where the person who finishes last gets the loudest cheer?".

Thank you for sharing your story Simone! We love having you as a part out our CFCBR community!

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