20 Thoughts We Had During Our First CFCBR Session

We've all been there, on the outside looking in. Whether it was a boyfriend, wife, friend or netflix that slowly started dragging us in the CrossFit direction, we have all had a similar experience when it comes to starting out.

For so long, we have been nagged or have been nagging ourselves to join CrossFit, simply give it a go. Our Brain tells us, there's no risk...they don't even have lock in contracts!

But we've all made excuses... "It's too expensive... I won't even like it...I can't get there... I'm not fit enough... I'll join when I can do X amount of weight...It's a cult". We all get to that point where we realise we're not really sure what has been holding us back.

Next thing we know we're on the phone to Rachel and locking in our 1st of 3 private sessions... Here is a list of 20 thoughts the members of CFCBR have had during their Movement Health Package.

  1. Look at all of these people they are laughing while doing this...psychopaths.

  2. I love how family and community orientated this place is. I feel so comfortable.

  3. Wait that was the warm up?

  4. Omg!! I’m really unfit, but it’s cool I’ll get there eventually.

  5. New body who dis? CrossFit games here I come

  6. My legs are like blocks I don’t know how I’m going to drive home.

  7. This is amazing it isn’t that hard. I GOT THIS... Wait what...every minute for 10 minutes? This is hard.

  8. These people are amazing when explaining the movements. I’m learning so much.

  9. I am superwoman, I am amazing, how am I doing this? I am so proud I just finished that session, look at me go!

  10. What if I fart while squatting… I will have to move states possibly countries.

  11. Seriously did she just start the clock - am I being timed?

  12. I never knew how long 400m really was. This can’t be 400m!

  13. Omg that man has no shirt on how on earth do his abs look like that? ** Looks Around** HOW DOES SHE LOOK LIKE THAT!!

  14. Is that an 8 pack?

  15. Omg my glutes are burning... But did you die?

  16. What do you mean jump on the box? … Omg how did you just jump on the box?

  17. Why am I doing this? Okay, Okay I finished, see you tomorrow ;)

  18. It’s so intimidating, wait everyone is being so friendly and supportive.

  19. I’m going to be so toned in 10 weeks time.



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