How To Turn Your New Year Resolutions Into Actionable Goals

At the start of each year, each member of the CrossFit Canberra community sets year long goals! Pat and Brendan encourage everyone to make goals that are SMART. Meaning they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. This means that no matter how wild your new years resolutions are, they become powerful and actionable goals.

A resolution is a decision that will change your year (if you let it) for the better. But, a decision on its own is pointless. Unless, you start thinking SMART.

Step 1. Write down your goals.

My favourite part of the new year is reflecting on the past year and writing down my goals for the new year. The act of writing down your goals is powerful. Each year at CFCBR we get our members to write down their goals on our goals board, and then cross them off as they are achieved.

Step 2. Define your SMART steps.

This is where the SMART practice comes into play. You will need to set up mini goals on the way to your year long goal. This will keep you motivated and instill a feeling of success as you move towards your bigger goal. Say your overarching goal is to "Feel fit and healthy, by making training a priority" You can make this goal SMART by following this template

S- Specific

Clearly identify what you want to accomplish. Ask yourself what the words fit and healthy mean to you, and what does making training a priority look like. Does this mean training three days per week, improving your back squat to 100kg, or mastering those double unders? What ever it looks like make sure you write it out.

M - Measurable

Have clear steps and milestones to accomplish along the way. Just say feeling fit and healthy is making it to the gym 3x per week and improving your wall balls to the point where you can do 25 in a row. You will want to set up mini goals, like getting 10 wall balls in a row, and reserving time in your schedule to train. Make sure you celebrate your mini goals, this will keep your motivated all year long.

A - Attainable

Make sure your goal is realistic and manageable. Sure, it would be amazing to make it to the CrossFit Games in your first year of training, although it is unlikely. If you are wanting to get your first muscle up, but cannot do a strict pull-up, it might be time to reevaluate your goals. First, have the goal of getting 10 strict pull-ups and then work forward.

R- Relevant

Make sure your goal is relevant to you and your life. Not everyone wants to make it to the Games or have a six pack. It is more than fine to have the goal of eating healthier, or training more, without having to be a Games level athlete.

T - Time Based

Make sure you outline an end point for when you want to have your goal accomplished by. It is all well and good to have these amazing goals, but if you don't have an end point you will always be wishing and now achieving.

Goodluck with your 2018 goals! If you need some help making SMART goals, see one of our coaches and start working towards a better year today!

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