Meet Our Members - Simone Franklin

This month on "Meet Our Members", we have Simone Franklin! Simone says coming to CFCBR first thing in the morning is a cornerstone of her lifestyle! That before she walks in the door she is thinking "who created this", and next thing she knows she is walking out feeling accomplished! Simone joined CrossFit Canberra in October 2014, which will make 4 years at the end of this year! Before CrossFit Simone enjoyed running and playing netball, she had tried a few commercial gyms , but didn't like the weights machines. Simone told us "I thought I was exercising.... I didn't know what real exercise was until Crossfit". Simone decided to try CrossFit because she was tired of running around Canberra

5 Reasons Why You Should Train In Your Lunch Break

Personally, I am not a morning person, I love getting a bit of a sleep in! We all know the guilt of staring into our breakfast bowl or morning coffee, scolding ourselves for hitting snooze… again, rather than hitting the gym. After a long day at work you find you’re back at the same table, with a similar feeling in the pit of your stomach. Here at CrossFit Canberra we feel your pain! But fear not, we’ve found the answer to your cycle of wishing you trained more frequently... Lunch-time workouts! So, say hello to free mornings to sleep in and more evenings doing what you love. You’ll even have more energy when you do go back to work in the afternoon. Really there is nothing to lose! Here are

The Road To Pull-Ups - Part 1/5

Pull-ups are one of our favourite strength exercises. They strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, core and arms. Whilst also, improving posture and and increasing your grip strength. In terms of bang for your buck, the pull-up is one of the most effective strength building exercises. But if you haven’t got any pull-ups, it’s hard to know where to start. In this 5 part series on the pull-up, we’ve addressed this question as well as how to incorporate different styles of pull-ups into your training for maximum strength gains. Part 1 takes you through what the pull-up looks like and how to gain that initial strength required to perform the movement. Step 1: Ring rows. We use the ring row as a

This Is Exactly What Happens When You Try CrossFit!

1. You get sick of your regular gym routine, and start looking forward to the unknown of your CrossFit WOD. 2. At first CrossFit looked like a crazy mess of flying limbs. But now, you look forward to the guidance your coach give you. #beastmode 3. After your first 3 fundamental personal training sessions, you're feeling pretty smug! You've even learned all that crazy CrossFit lingo .. WOD, AMRAP, EMOM, RX... 4. Your first group session brings you back to reality! CrossFit isn't supposed to be easy. 5. But you keep coming back... Everyone is super friendly and the coaches know their stuff. 6. It may be weeks later or months later, but you hit your first workout RX'd or smash out a new persona



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