So.. Why Should You Enter The 2018 CrossFit Open?

Have you signed up for the open yet? Have you even heard what it is? Firstly, here are the important dates to pop into your calendar today! 18.1 - Feb 22-26 18.2 - Mar 1- 5 18.3 - Mar 8-12 18.4 - Mar 15- 19 18.5 - Mar 22 - 26 Here at CFCBR, for the 5 consecutive weeks we run "Friday Night Lights" where you complete the workout that is released that week. Here's why you should enter the 2018 CrossFit Open! 1. Connect with the wider CrossFit Community (It's global!) We know we have an amazing community here at CFCBR. The Open gives you the opportunity to connect with the global CrossFit Community. Instead of kicking butt in the 6am session on a Tuesday, during the Open you will be working out

Meet Our Members - Mollie Bryant

Mollie discovered CrossFit at the beginning of 2013, and it went from there. Prior to joining CFCBR, she told us "I had trained at a couple of other local CrossFit gyms but found that they weren't the right fit." As a way to make sure she kept up her fitness she purchased some basic equipment and started training from home. She found that is was hard to motivate herself to train, and started to look into CrossFit gyms again. Mollie had heard great reviews about CrossFit Canberra - From friends, and social media. After a rough period in 2017, her friend Laya gave her the push she needed to join, and she hasn't looked back! Mollie told us, "since coming back to a CrossFit, I have regained my s

20 Thoughts We Had During Our First CFCBR Session

We've all been there, on the outside looking in. Whether it was a boyfriend, wife, friend or netflix that slowly started dragging us in the CrossFit direction, we have all had a similar experience when it comes to starting out. For so long, we have been nagged or have been nagging ourselves to join CrossFit, simply give it a go. Our Brain tells us, there's no risk...they don't even have lock in contracts! But we've all made excuses... "It's too expensive... I won't even like it...I can't get there... I'm not fit enough... I'll join when I can do X amount of weight...It's a cult". We all get to that point where we realise we're not really sure what has been holding us back. Next thing we know

Meatless Chilli Con Carne

"Meatless, but why", was the response I got from my Husband (and head coach of CFCBR), Brendan. Anyone who knows Brendan; knows he loves his meat. He even has his Red Meat for breakfast to increase dopamine level, which improves his energy and focus. Whilst I wanted to try meatless for one dinner a week, it had nothing to do with wanting to be vegetarian or the "Meatless Monday" movement. I simply felt like I could use a break from meat every once in a while. Sure, I had my doubts too when it came to a meatless chilli con carne, but after reading Katya's recipe and thoughts on little broken, I thought I'd give it a go. Meatless Chilli Con Carne Serves 4 Ingredients 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil 1 small

How To Turn Your New Year Resolutions Into Actionable Goals

At the start of each year, each member of the CrossFit Canberra community sets year long goals! Pat and Brendan encourage everyone to make goals that are SMART. Meaning they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. This means that no matter how wild your new years resolutions are, they become powerful and actionable goals. A resolution is a decision that will change your year (if you let it) for the better. But, a decision on its own is pointless. Unless, you start thinking SMART. Step 1. Write down your goals. My favourite part of the new year is reflecting on the past year and writing down my goals for the new year. The act of writing down your goals is powerful. Each



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